Our New Center Package


The best machine ever made by Brunswick.

Gym Equipment

AMF Pinsetter Model 82-70

The best machine ever made by AMF

Bowling Equipment

PINSETTER is one of the most important equipment for your bowling center success. We select the best machines built by BRUNSWICK and AMF rebuilt for your ability in GERMANY/NETHERLANDS, for high performance, cost effectiveness and long life.

GS-98 (GS-X)

Lanes :

Refurbished  AMF Lanes

Pro Lane/ Anvilane being manfacturd to serve lifetime, nothing will go wrong with the material unless scratches being made purposely to damage them, we select the best Refurbished Anvilane/Prolane glowing in the dark / USBC approved in our package.

Refurbished Brunswick Lanes

We Supply "Steltronic" System (Brand new) Including 3D animation for all events, It gives the modern look for the bowling center.


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We supply generally table with 4 seater for the seating in our new center package, however we have the different options of seating from fixed seats to high luxury sofas/couches, depending on your bowling center concept – we can supply them all.

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We use only new materials for underlanes , made from the best wood as canadian maple or equivalent to make sure the underlanes will sustain and will have long life .

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Gutters, Caping and Ball Return

In our package , we supply this material either new or refurbished , but looks as new .

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Masking Units

We supply new masking units with different designs either low or high depends on site dimensions and center concept.

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Consumer & Spare Parts Package

We supply Pins, House balls, House Shoes, Lane Cleaner, Lane Conditioner and Mechanical Spare Parts Package with our package.

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Installation and Warranty

Installation by German / British Certified Installation team to ensure quality installation.

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Center Modernization

Researches and studies say that bowling centres need to upgrade as per the latest technology for every 5-7 years. Bowling centres need to change the ambience & look of the bowling as Scoring animations, management system, to make the customer feel new centre again with better experience.

Bowling is the core attraction for the whole family members, so a re-investment can pay big bonuses in keeping your existing customers happy and encouraging new customers in with a new look / new technology giving a new lease of life that will increase revenues and repeat business across all departments.

Starting with the Automatic Scoring & Management Technology, where we have the role of our leading specialist partners,STELTRONIC as we are proud to Exclusively represent them in the Entire of the Middle East, either standalone touch screen or touch pad or joystick and the same with management system , to capture your database and organise your centre marketing campaign either for walking customers , corporate or tournament league bowlers.

Steltronic uses 3-D animations, HD with many options for each event, we customise the management system to suit your needs exactly without paying extra cost for functions you are not using like other management system brands.

Bowling Scoring system
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It was developed with one goal in mind to help centres increase sales and profits through addressing their most pressing challenges — driving traffic, increasing average sales and encouraging repeat visits.

So you see the most critical challenge facing proprietors today goes far beyond bowling. It’s about keeping their center top-of-mind and making every visit a great experience — that’s the single most effective way to get customers to come, stay longer and return more often.

New Bowling equipment

Steltronic Scoring and Management System

Used Bowling equipment

Video Masking Units

Used Bowling equipment

Interactive Lanes

Consumer & Spares

Refurbished Gym equipment

House Shoes

We use only genuiene leather for house shoes, either laced or Velcro. For durability, hygiene & heavy usage.

Bowling Scoring

House Balls

We have the color coded for each weight from 6 to 16lbs, drilled as per the best standard of drilling, using the best Urethane material – and they glow in dark. They are USBC approved.

Refurbished Brunswick Lanes

Bowling Pins

These are one of the most important material in your package. We are promoting only USBC white pins, glowing in the dark, with the best weight of PIN 3.3-3.8 Lbs.

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Lane Cleaner & Lane Conditioner

We supply the best kegel brand for these 2. And duster cloth, we do also supply spare parts belong to your oiling machine whatever brand you use.

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Spare Parts

We supply genuine spare parts, as per your bowling center brand. We source our spare part from the best manufacturers to deliver to you with a best price ever packed with warranty.

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ShoeSpray & Hygiene Socks

We supply antibacterial shoe spray to make your Shoe healthy as well as your customer feet. And also disposable Bowling Hygiene Socks for the benefit of your customers and shoe in the same time.